Mateus Nava

Mateus Nava

January 18, 2022

A simple technique for trying out new things in Rails

By Pablo Arroyo (
By Pablo Arroyo (
One of the most interesting things to do in the development area is to try new things, some new library or even a new technique to improve performance. I really like doing this in Rails because it's very simple, in fact, you only need a few minutes to have a complete application with a few screens.

So my recipe for testing something new in Rails is:

The first thing is to create a new project, I will call this project miro-the-dog
rails new miro-the-dog

The second thing is to create a simple CRUD with scaffold generator, cities for example.
rails g scaffold cities name:string
rails db:migrate

Ok, now you have a CRUD


Form to create new City

I like to generate some data to have more real example, for this I use the Faker gem.
1_000.times { City.create!(name: }

Right now we have an application working with some screens and some data, is possible to do a lot of experiments and tests :), how cool is that?