Mateus Nava

Mateus Nava

January 10, 2022

Autocomplete with Rails 7 (Hotwired turbo)

By Vardan Papikyan (
By Vardan Papikyan (
I watched the great video and after that, I tried to create a simpler auto-complete, without explicit turbo-stream.

The project consists of having a text field, when the user fills in and submits, the screen will show the filtered results.

The first step is: Creating a New Project (Is just a command, not too long of blablablablabla…)
rails new autocomplete # I'm Using rails 7.0.1 and Ruby 3.1

Now let's create a scaffold for the cities:
rails g scaffold city name:string

At this point, we have a 100% working CRUD but is very ugly, you can use to magically beautify your CRUD.

CRUD with simplecss

Creating a seed to generate cities, we will use the Faker gem.
# db/seeds.rb
1_000.times do

And run:
rails db:seed

Change the index method of cities_controller to search the cities based on the q parameter:
def index
  @cities = City.where('name Like ?', "%#{params[:q]}%")

And change the cities/index.html.erb to this:
<p style="color: green"><%= notice %></p>


# data-turbo-frame: indicates that when the form is submitted only the cities in the frame will be updated
<%= form_with url: cities_path, method: :get, data: {'turbo-frame': 'cities'} do |form| %>
  <% form.search_field :q, autofocus: true %>
<% end %>

# Put the list in the frame cities
<%= turbo_frame_tag :cities do %>
  <div id="search-result">
    <%= pluralize(@cities.count, 'city') %> found

  <div id="cities-container">
    <% @cities.each do |city| %>
      <%= render city %>
        <%= link_to "Show this city", city %>
    <% end %>
<% end %>

<%= link_to "New city", new_city_path %>

  <%= highlight(, params[:q]) %>

When the form is submitted, only the frame of cities will be updated, this is possible by the

There is some overhead because there is all the HTML in the response and not just the frame, but I think it's a reasonable price to pay due to the simplicity of the solution.

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